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Information on cookies and personal data processing

This website uses cookies, small text files that are stored by browser on user’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone) to enhance the using experience of the website.
The information contained in cookies is defined on the server side and depends on the type of cookie. It can be used every time the website is visited by the user. Cookies are widely used because needed by some features of the website.

Cookies can be used:

  • to remember preferences
  • to enable pages and content sharing on social networks
  • to allow the website administrator to have statistical information in anonymous and aggregate form, such as the number of visitors, geographical origin, the most visited pages, browsers or devices used.

Cookies are not dangerous; they are not executable programs and cannot be a vehicle for viruses. In no way they can identify user personally.

Types of cookies used
This website currently uses only session cookies and not analytical cookies.

Session cookies
Session cookies are essential to manage the navigation. The duration between opening of Internet browser and closing is called browsing session. Session cookies are stored in the terminal or other device of the visitor during a browsing session, but they expire and are normally eliminated at the end of a browsing session.

Analytical cookies

For statistical purposes it’s possible to use Google Analytics, a Google service that does not allow storage of personal data. The information belongs to Google and is stored on their server and can be consulted by those who manage the site. Analytical Google cookies have a variable duration, some are linked to the session, others last minutes, others from six months to two years. Google is who tracks and examines the use of the website and enables site managers to fill statistical reports.

You can review Google Analytics terms of service.
The analytical cookies can be disabled by the user, without effect on the usability of the website. You can disable cookies of Google Analytics by using the add-in to opt-out provided by Google to the main browsers.

Other third-party cookies
The website contains buttons that allow you to share contents on various social networks, like Facebook, Google. The click on the share button might allow these companies to store cookies on your computer.

Disable cookies
The consent to use cookies can be denied through browser settings. The use of the website will still be guaranteed.

Data provided voluntarily by users
The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails to addresses on this website, implies acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary to respond to communications or information inquiries.

The holder of data treatment
The treatment of personal data, referred to persons identified or identifiable after consultation of our website is Mr Franco Corbelli, legal representative of the company Adel via Emilia Est 1401/2 41122 – Modena (Mo). The treatment is performed with the aid of computerized instruments by holder and operators entrusted by owner.