Adel designs and produces OEM modules for management and complete treatment of magnetic and optical titles for the following applications:

  • Parking
  • Automatic fare collection
  • Access control
  • Paytoll systems
  • Ticketing systems

Thanks to years of experience and to a specialized technical staff, Adel can provide quality solutions to satisfy all your needs.

Modular systems offer a complete, flexible and reliable range of devices, composed by a main module and by other optional devices. Coupled to the EMTS_E or to the ENC_RISC_E, the subgroup functions are optimized and the realization of devices for different applications is allowed.

The new generation high speed modules with thermal printer are based on the same idea and they are able to address high level applications.

Special machines are also available, designed and developed in order to optimize functions and reduce costs.

Adel is a dynamic company that offers know-how and experience in order to design and realize custom devices, personalized according to customers specifications. Adel manages both, the electronic and mechanical development, from the project to the prototyping, until production and supply.

Some of our fulfilled projects:

  • Pay Toll:
    • Serbian motorways
    • Bosnian Motorways
    • Algerian Motorways
    • Indiana (US) Toll Road Motorways
  • Access Control:
    • Turin Subway Stations
  • Ticketing:
    • Milan Subway
    • Taiwan Astronomical Observatory