This module is a motorized reader/encoder for magnetic tickets and cards, standard ISO F2F, Split Phase encoding and TRANSAC.
ENC RISC_E is the base module of a modular system, and by coupling it with optional additional modules and devices it is possible to create advanced ticketing systems, access control systems, automatic fair collection systems and many more.

The module itself can also be easily customized with additional devices like thermal and impact printing units, barcode readers, chip, RFID and different magnetic configurations.

The board is powered by an ARM M3 Cortex CPU running a proprietary firmware.

Optional devices and magnetic configurations:

  • Four magnetic channels
  • Longitudinal impact printer
  • Longitudinal single or dual line 64 dots 203 Dpi longitudinal thermal printer
  • R/W IC card unit EMV level 1 ready
  • R/W contactless card unit EMV level 1 ready
  • Front opening shutter
  • LCD Display interface

Optional modules:

  • FED1R single feeder
  • Single/dual store unit
  • METRO module